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Douglas Brooks

A 3-month grant to study traditional boatbuilding in Japan and research its antecedents within the Chinese boatbuilding tradition

for a three-week grant to investigate boatbuilding traditions among the Tao indigenous group of Orchid Island, Taiwan in spring 2016

a six-week grant to support a collaboration with the last working boatbuilder in the tsunami zone of Tohoku, Japan, in fall 2014

Research and documentation on Okinawan boatbuilder

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Javersina Fernayeti Haning

For a two-month grant to carry out research on traditional textile production and conservation in Japan, India, Cambodia, and Laos in connection with the organization of a cross-disciplinary workshop on the traditional textile culture of East Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia, to be held in Kupang in July 2012.

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