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Byrd Hoffman Water Mill Foundation and RW Work Ltd.

to support the participation of Uyghur musician Perhat Khaliq in a four-week residency with visual artist Lisa Ross

to support the participation of artists from Indonesia in a residency program at Robert Wilson’s Watermill Center in June 2013 to develop “R.I.T.E: A Rising in the East”, an opera based on the epic conflict between the Balinese and the Dutch in early 20th Century Bali

to support the participation of Indonesian visual artist Agus Suwage in a three-week residency at The Watermill Center in June 2014.

support participation of performer Mohammad "Illenk" Gentille and director Rama Soeprapat from Indonesia and visual artist Aniwar Mamat from China in the summer 2004 International Summer Program at Watermill Center

to support the participation of Balinese music artist Sudharsana in a music and theater workshop to be held under the direction of Robert Wilson at the Watermill Center in summer 1996.

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Peni Candra Rini

to undertake a residency at the University of Richmond, Virginia, in order to explore the connections between traditional Indonesian string band music and Appalachian Old Time music.

For a six-month grant to undertake a creative residency in the Herb Albert School of Music at CalArts and to attend performances and meet composers and musicians in NY.

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Arts Indonesia

to support a creative residency by Balinese composer and musician I Dewa Ketut Alit with Gamelan Dharma Swara, a New York City-based Indonesian music ensemble. (See NOTES for updated description.)

to support participation of Javanese dalang Tristuti Rachmadi Suryosaputro in a wayang kulit performance at the American Museum of Natural History in New York in April 2001

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Mohamad Ugoran Prasad

Theater Scholar, Yogyakarta: for a ten-month grant to continue in a program of study leading to the Ph.D. degree in theater from the City University of New York.

to participate in a roundtable at the International Institute for Asian Studies’ International Conference on Asian Studies on Tuesday, June 25, from 9:00 – 13:00

To begin a one-year program of study leading to the M.S. degree in performance studies at NYU

theater research and study at NYU's Department of Performance Studies or elsewhere in New York

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I Nyoman Catra

to collaborate with American choreographer Wally Cardona in New York City in May and June 2014

grant renewal to complete Ph.D degree at Wesleyan University

Ten-month fellowship to continue study in a program leading to the Ph.D degree in ethnomusicology at Wesleyan University

Renewal for 2002-2003 academic year

partial support to continue Ph.D program at Wesleyan University

To complete the program of study leading to the M.A. degree in theater at Emerson College in 1995-96.

To support travel and health insurance expenses for Catra and family in connection with your 1993-94 granduate degree study program at Emerson College.

To continue to study theater in a program leading to the M.A. degree at Emerson College in 1994-1995

To begin a program of study in theater leading to the M.A. degree at Emerson College, beginning September 1993.

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to support the participation of Marzuki Mohamed and Endah Laras from Indonesia in ACC's 50th Anniversary Gala, to be held in Yokohama, Japan in October 2014

to support the participation of Marzuki Mohamed and Endah Laras from Indonesia in ACC's 50th Anniversary Gala, to be held in Yokohama, Japan in October 2014

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Indonesian Dance Festival

to support travel expenses for international dance artists participating in the 12th edition of the Indonesian Dance Festival, scheduled to occur from June 10 to 14, 2014

For a grant to enable dancers and choreographers from four countries in Asia to participate in the 10th Indonesian Dance Festival, to be held in Jakarta in June 2010.

Support to bring choreographers from U.S., Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia and Thailand to IDF in November 2008

support the participation of four choreography workshop, to be held in Jakarta and Surabaya in July 2006

support for choreographers from Asian and the U.S. participating in the IDF 2002 program

support for three choreographers from Asia and the U.S. to participate in the 5th IDF, to be held AT STSI in September, 1999

Support for Asian and American participants in the July 1996 Indonesian Dance Festival/World Dance Alliance meeting.

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Amna Kusumo

to participate in an award ceremony for the John D. Rockefeller 3rd Award, participate in ACC's 50th Anniversary Gala, and observe contemporary arts activities in New York City

JDR 3rd Award recipient for her significant contribution to the international understanding, practice, or study of the visual or performing arts of Asia

visit New York in January 2006 to participate in the annual conference of the Association of Performing Arts Presenters

enable her to in Indonesia as director of the Kelola Project

to enable you to survey management procedures at selected Indonesian cultural institutions and to plan and conduct a management workshop for the arts and cultural organizations in Indonesia in October, 1997

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